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he Malaysian Chamber of Mines
was incorporated on 10 December 1914 under the Federated Malay States Chamber of Mines Incorporated Enactment No.25 of 1914, which is now known as the Malaysian Chamber of Mines Incorporation Act 1914. It is the only Chamber in the country to have been established by an Act of Parliament.


The Chamber's objectives as laid down in its Incorporation Act are:

  • To protect and advance the general interest of the mineral community.
  • To collect and distribute mineral information.
  • To promote, support or oppose any legislative or other measures affecting the mineral industry.
  • To exchange information on mineral matters with other mineral associations, both locally and abroad.


    The Chamber draws its membership from the major mining management groups, mining
    companies, mining / mineral Associations, consultants, engineers and individuals.
    Currently it has a membership of more than 150 members.

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